Thesis/Final examination

For the final examination, the students enrolled on the degree course have 7 ECTS credits available for the preparation of the thesis.
The final examination is valid as a state exam qualifying for practising as a hearing care professional and consists of:
- a practical test during which the student must demonstrate that he/she has acquired the theoretical-practical and technical-operational knowledge and skills typical of the specific professional profile;
- drafting and presentation of a thesis.
The thesis must be developed and written in an original way by the student under the guidance of a supervisor. The discussion of the thesis will take place before a commission appointed by the competent academic authority and composed in accordance with the degree course regulations.
The experimental thesis of a theoretical and applied nature is discussed with the commission remotely. This represents the final verification that the graduating student has acquired the skills of analysis, care planning and communication in preparation for assuming responsibility and professional autonomy.
The final examination is taken across two nationally defined sessions: the first in October-November and the second in March-April.