The University of Parma promotes curricular internships in order to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the world of work and study-work alternation experiences.
The curricular internship integrates and completes the student's curriculum through the performance of practical activities which, on the basis of the provisions of their respective degree course regulations, may be carried out in structures within the University or externally at qualified public and private bodies with which the University has entered into appropriate agreements.
The internship involves three parties: the student, the promoter (the University of Parma) and the host (company or organisation) where the activity is carried out under the guidance of a university tutor, a University professor/instructor and a company supervisor.
Curricular internships are not a prerequisite for an employment relationship between the intern and the host structure, nor can they be a substitute for company labour or professional services.


The professional internship is a training activity in which the student works alongside an experienced professional in specific healthcare contexts in order to learn the skills required for the professional role.
Internship learning takes place through practical experimentation, integration of theoretical-disciplinary knowledge with professional and organisational practice, and contact with members of the specific professional group.
The relevance assigned to internship experiences increases over the three years.
During the internship, over the three years, students can experience the gradual degrees of autonomy and responsibility under the supervision of experts in the various specialised fields.

Compulsory training on safety in the workplace

The University provides all students with adequate training on health and safety in the workplace as required by Legislative Decree 81/08 and the implementing decrees/agreements.
Information on how to access the e-learning training course can be found at the following link

Cartellino di riconoscimento per tirocinanti

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