Course presentation

The degree course in Audioprothesic techniques (hearing aid technician qualification) aims for graduates to achieve the following learning objectives:
- acquaint them with the physiology of the auditory and balance system;
- acquaint them with diseases of auditory function and balance;
- acquaint them with all the evaluation and measurement tests of the auditory system;
- acquaint them with procedures for rehabilitation following disability resulting from auditory pathology.
- enable them to interact with the specialist doctor and perform professional acts relevant to the profile with full responsibility and consequent autonomy;
- enable them to collaborate with other professionals on programmes for the prevention and rehabilitation of deafness.
Of particular importance, as an integral and qualifying part of professional training, is the practical training and clinical internship activity; this activity will be acquired by graduates under the guidance of tutors belonging to the specific professional profile.
The course is the only one activated in the four universities in the Emilia Romagna region; in the academic year 2011/12, following the remodelling as a new system and the simultaneous non-activation of the degree course in audiometric technology, the number of newly enrolled students was expanded from 10 to 20.
The degree course is nationally scheduled. On average, 65 per cent of those enrolled come from outside the province and 45 per cent from outside the region.
The degree course has entered into agreements for theoretical and practical training activities with various hearing aid companies, indispensable for the acquisition of the skills required of new professionals. The employment rate of hearing aid technicians one year after graduation is estimated at around 75%.