cod. 08510

Academic year 2015/16
2° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
integrated course unit
6 credits
course unit
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Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

The course aims to enable students to know and understand the discipline, also in order to use these knowledge and understanding in identifying the patient's problems related to the condition of a person suffering from a disease and to prepare an appropriate care plan


The students at the end of the course will demonstrate knowledge and understanding about:

Hearing aids fitting.
Electro-acoustic measures.
Diseases- disability- auditory handicaps: ICDH definition and classification.
Rehabiliative audiology: Prescription, hearing aids tests.
Measures instrumentation in electronic field and calibration techniques.
Normative in acoustic field and principles of measure technique in acoustics.


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Course unit content

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Full programme

The lingual-acoustic communication.

Hearing - Auditory perception- perceptual skills.

The perception of the word.

Fundamentals of acousticand perceptual phonetics.

Impairment-disability-auditory handicap.

Detection, discrimination, identification, recognition and understanding.

Language acquisition and consequences of the lack of acoustic information in children.

Pre-lingual and post-lingual deafness: early diagnosis.

Instrumental diagnosis in communicative disorders.

Hearing education.

Deafness rehabilitation with hearing aids.

Cochlear implantation.

Speech therapy in childhood deafness.

Speech therapy in adult deafness.

Acoustic training- rehabilitation of speech comprehension and production.


Oskar Schindler, Roberto Alberga, AUDIOLOGIA E FONIATRIA, Edizione Minerva Medica

M. Del Bo, F.Giaccai, G. Grisanti,
MANUALE DI AUDIOLOGIA, Masson Italia Editori

Teaching methods

Class lessons: the program themes will be discussed with the aid of slides. The proposed topics will be the subject of collective discussion and study on the basis of ideas and any questions raised during the lessons themselves.

Assessment methods and criteria

The achievement of the goals of the course is verified by an oral exam.
Answering questions about the contents of the course, the student will demonstrate whether he/she has achieved the goals of knowledge and understanding of the contents and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge.

Other information

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