cod. 1000286

Academic year 2010/11
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Medicina interna (MED/09)
Type of training activity
16 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
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Learning objectives

The course aims to provide students with the tools and theoretical concepts required for the study of the main modifications which occur during ageing to various bodily organs and systems and to set out the physiopathological bases underlying the major geriatric syndromes. <br />
Particular attention will be given to the study of the physiopathological mechanisms underlying sarcopenia in the elderly and to the study of the syndrome of physical fragility, a clinical condition which may affect a significant percentage of elderly patients with serious effects at the functional level. Students will be provided with the tools required for a correct approach to the study of the physical functionality of elderly patients. <br />


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Course unit content

Population ageing and its impact on the social and health care system. <br />
Epidemiology of ageing and its biological bases. <br />
Physiology of ageing: effects on the main organs and systems. <br />
Ageing and skeletal muscle tissue (sarcopenia): anatomic/structural modifications, causes of sarcopenia, functional aspects, extra-muscular consequences of sarcopenia. Diagnosis of sarcopenia. Clinical implications of sarcopenia. Cachexy. Evaluation of physical performance of elderly patients. <br />

Full programme

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Textbook: Umberto Senin, Paziente anziano Paziente geriatrico, EdiSES, Naples.

Teaching methods

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Assessment methods and criteria

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