Studying abroad

The University of Parma offers all its students various opportunities to foster the development of a real international dimension of university study. From exchanges in Europe through the Erasmus Plus Programme to extra-European mobility with the Overworld Programme and numerous pathways for acquiring a double degree.

Some study courses, in fact, thanks to the conclusion of international agreements with partner universities, provide the opportunity, at the end of the university course, to obtain a double degree with one or more associated foreign universities.

Assistance and agreements for international mobility

The service intends to deal with the definition of agreements with universities in other countries for the international mobility of students, in particular for periods of training abroad, but also, for example, for the award of joint or double degrees, appropriate for the achievement of the expected learning outcomes, as well as the organisation and management of the international mobility of outgoing students and the reception of incoming students from other countries.

Completing studies abroad


TRADE believes in increasingly expanding the education opportunities abroad offered to its students through a constant search for new partnerships with foreign universities in Europe and around the world.

The following opportunities are available to the TRADE student:

  • Erasmus+: Study periods, thesis writing or internships in Europe (Erasmus). TRADE strongly encourages students to participate in the Erasmus Plus programme. There are more than 27 European universities at which it is possible to undertake a three- to nine-month study or job placement (typically during the second year of TRADE) in 13 countries.
  • Double Degree three pathways that allow, within the normal duration of the course of study (two years), to obtain two degrees: the TRADE Second-cycle degree and the Master's degree of the twinned foreign university. For detailed information please consult the specific page on this site dedicated to Double
  • Degree Periods of study, thesis writing or internships in non-European countries (from 3 months to one year). In particular, at:

Non-European countries (Overworld)

USA:  Boston College, Massachusetts; St. Francis University, Pennsylvania; Pitzer College, California;

JAPAN: Kobe University; Kwansei Gakuin University of Tokyo;

CHINA:  Beijing Institute of Techonology; Yunnan University Kunming; University of Nottingham Ningbo;

VIETNAM:  Hanoi Foreign Trade University; Danang University;

THAILAND: Webster University, Bangkok; Rangsit University, Bangkok;

INDIA: Radagiri College of Social Sciences;

ARGENTINA:  Universidad Nacional del Litoral; Universidad Argentina 'John Fitzgerald Kennedy'; University of Buenos Aires; Universidad Argentina de la impresa (UADE); University of Salta; University of Rosario;

BRAZIL:  USP University, Sao Paolo; Universidade de Riberao Preto;

ECUADOR: Universidad Tecnica de Ambato;

ARMENIA: Yerevan State University;

GEORGIA: Ilia State University;

RUSSIA: Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences; Russina Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Adminstration (RANEPA); Higher School of Economics; Nayanova University;

SENEGAL: Unversitate Gaston Berger; Universitè de Dakar Cheikh-Antadiop;

MOROCCO: Universitè Mohammed V de Rabat;

RWANDA: Ines-Ruhengeri Institute of Applied Sciences New destinations are activated every year.

Please consult the updated proposals here: International exchanges

International week Dublin

Every year, a select group of TRADE students, accompanied by some of the course teaching staff members, participate in the Retail Symposium organised by “Technological University Dublin” di Dublino (TUD) as part of the Retail Symposium Lab activities, one of the many innovative teaching workshops offered by the TRADE Second-cycle degree course.

The TUD, with 30,000 students, is the third largest university in Ireland, and the largest for Retail studies. It offers a Master's degree in Retail, which is similar in content to the Second-cycle degree in Trade and Consumer Marketing and, within this framework, organises a week of seminars each year on a specific Retail Marketing topic. The seminars are held by managers from leading international companies, academics and retail experts. This year, the theme of the Symposium was innovation in distribution formats: "Thinking Outside the Box: Retail Formats for 21st Century Retailing'.

For the fourth year running, the TRADE Second-cycle degree course offered its students the international 'Retail Symposium' workshop to develop their ability to analyse, communicate and present in English on retail topics in front of a highly qualified, native-speaking audience.

The students selected to participate in the Workshop, after a careful and in-depth analysis of the major trends in the international distribution context, of the main Italian success stories in format innovation (Fico, ExtraCoop, Starbucks Roastery Reserve, Gucci Garden) and the drafting of a report in English, presented their proposal of an innovative store format during the Symposium confronting the TUD audience under the careful judgement of university professors as judges.

"This experience was a reason for personal growth and allowed us to get a taste of a different retail environment from the Italian one while giving us the opportunity to test ourselves and help us practice for future work. During these days we were also able to appreciate Ireland, a country whose growth and ability to innovate is increasingly evident and from which we have much to learn" some participants told us.

The workshop, which concluded with a week-long stay in Dublin, gave students the opportunity not only to critically discuss contemporary retail issues relevant to business, but also to participate in the 'Checkout Conference 2019: Rising to the Challenges'. This was a major event for the consumer goods industry and retail world, organised by international consultancy Dunnhumby where top managers from Tesco Ireland, Waitrose, Mondelez and Heineken discussed the latest developments in the retail market.

Finally, the TRADE students took part in organised tours of the Fujitsu companies - visiting the technology centre for Retail Innovation here - and Java Republic. On this occasion, they were able to meet with store managers and marketing directors and ask them questions related to specific company strategies.

The collaboration with the TUD does not stop: in 2021 we participated online in the new Symposium!

The International Research Network

In addition to teaching, TRADE Professors carry out intensive scientific research through a network of international collaborations.

For instance, TRADE Professors actively collaborate with the European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution (EAERCD) and the Colloquium on European Research in Retailing (CERR) in developing networking for research projects, organising academic conferences and international research programmes. In 2011, TRADE organised the EAERCD International Convention in Parma.

Commissione mobilità internazionale studenti

La Commissione mobilità internazionale (CMI) gestisce la mobilità degli studenti e delle studentesse (incoming e outgoing) in relazione a tutti i programmi di scambio internazionale (Erasmus Plus, Overworld etc.).

Composizione della Commissione e referenti