Learning objectives

Language Sciences and Cultural Studies for Special Needs is an international Master’s Degree, conducted in English, which aims to develop advanced skills in the following areas:

  • Foreign languages, particularly English and another language among the following: French, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian as an L2.
  • Educational linguistics, with an emphasis on inclusive language education of learners with Special Educational Needs due to disorders affecting language learning and communication.
  • Multimedia accessibility, with a special focus on teaching practices, text adaptation, audio description and subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing audiences.
  • Cultural Studies, particularly in foreign culture and literature, and intersemiotic studies.

Regarding foreign language skills, our graduates are able to use fluently, both orally and in writing, at least two of the languages spoken in the European Union, at a C2 level of competence in both languages (C1 in Russian) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. They possess:

  • Advanced knowledge of linguistic theories and methodologies.
  • Specific knowledge of the structure of natural languages, and its application in the context of language teaching and education.
  • A solid background in modern languages.
  • A solid background in the literatures of known modern languages.
  • Skills relating to the new languages of communication and information.

Our Master’s Degree aims at training language experts who are able to work with learners with difficulties and disorders in the areas of communication and language learning in a variety of contexts, such as education, research, language and culture industries (publishing houses, certification bodies, companies dedicated to online language training, etc.). Students will acquire the necessary skills to work as teachers, researchers and cultural operators in the field of foreign languages, including Italian as a foreign or second language, in Italy and abroad. Our Master’s Degree also offers a specific module on Instructional Design, which students can select in order to develop some key professional skills needed to work as editors or instructional designers. These skills are combined with language education competences in traditional and e-learning modes.