Thesis/Final examination

The final examination, to which 27 ECTS credits are attributed, consists of the drafting and presentation of an original written paper (hereafter referred to as the thesis), prepared under the guidance of a Supervisor.

This paper reports on individual work carried out by the student within the university or at a foreign university.
The topic of the thesis is assigned at the student's request by a teaching staff member belonging to the Degree Course in Computer Science or the Second-cycle Degree Course in Computer Science, who acts as the Supervisor, at least four months before the scheduled date of the degree session.

At the indication of the Supervisor, another teaching staff member from the University of Parma or from abroad is allowed to act as Rapporteur.

The thesis can be written in Italian or English. In the latter case, the title page of the thesis must include, in this order, the title in Italian and the title in English; a summary of the thesis in Italian must also be provided.

Conduct of the final examination

The dissertation examination consists of a presentation of the dissertation (approx. 30 minutes) in front of a committee appointed by the Rector, followed by a discussion of the work.

The assessment of the candidate by the degree committee, expressed in hundredths with possible honours, is made taking into account the results of the entire university career, including the final examination.

Fulfilment by the student

To be admitted to the degree examination, the student must:
- have acquired at least 93 ECTS credits;
- have submitted via the ESSE3 platform, by the established deadlines (typically at least 30 days before the date of graduation), all the documentation required for the degree application;
- have deposited the final version of the thesis in PDF format on the ESSE3 platform. The supervisor must have validated the final version on the esse3 platform;
- must have completed the form for collecting the opinion of graduating students;
- must have handed in a printed copy of the thesis to the Academic office for use by the evaluation committee. This copy will be returned to the student.
- submit a hard or electronic copy to the supervisor; - in order to form an archive of Second-cycle theses in Computer Science, it is possible to upload the thesis on the portal

Graduation grade

The final mark is the weighted average of the marks for the individual profit examinations, expressed in hundredths, increased by the mark awarded for the final examination and any bonuses:
- for the calculation of the average, only examinations for which a grade in thirtieths is envisaged are taken into account and the corresponding ECTS credits are taken as weights;
- for the final examination, a mark ranging from a minimum of 0 (zero) to a maximum of 10 (ten) points is envisaged;
- for bonuses, a maximum of 3 points is envisaged, distributed as follows
 A 1 point bonus is awarded if the student has spent a period abroad as part of a curricular exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus, Overworld) and has acquired at least 12 ECTS credits;
- any honours are awarded unanimously;
- a mention is envisaged during the proclamation if the student, during his/her career in the course of study, has taken part in bodies envisaged for student representatives.

Repository Istituzionale DspaceUnipr

Deposito della tesi di laurea magistrale sulla piattaforma DSpace (FACOLTATIVO)

Oltre al deposito della tesi su ESSE3, obbligatorio, dall'a.a. 2022/23, in accordo con il docente relatore, per i laureandi è FACOLTATIVO depositare la tesi anche nel repository istituzionale DspaceUnipr per la consultazione online ad accesso aperto.
Per informazioni su questa opportunità e sulla procedura da seguire si visiti questa pagina oppure si contatti la Dott.ssa Fabrizia Tassoni