Course presentation

The Second-cycle Degree Course in Computer Science is aimed at all students who show an interest in computer science and its applications. 

Below is a video presentation of the Second-cycle Degree Course.

The course in brief

The Second-cycle Degree Course in Computer Science at the University of Parma trains specialised professionals with technical and professional skills that are up-to-date and particularly attractive in the world of work, both in sectors related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and in the various application sectors based on these technologies.

The Second-cycle Degree in Computer Science is prepared for entry into the world of work, both in Italy and abroad, with roles of responsibility (e.g. project manager), for consultancy as a freelancer or for further education in doctorates and second-level professional master programmes. The distinctive tools offered by the Second-cycle degree course enable the realisation of professional and innovative solutions with creativity and competence.

Particular emphasis is placed on the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Software Security.
The course catalogue provides students with state-of-the-art research in these fields and offers a modern and internationally oriented course. 

Why study Computer Science in Parma

Our course catalogue is in step with the best national and international standards, and this is testified by the high degree of satisfaction of our students, particularly with the skills they acquire in the world of work.

The skills acquired will enable you to work as a project manager, freelance consultant or pursue post-graduate training. With such figures you invest in an attractive and expendable figure in the Italian and European market both now and in the future. The distinctive tools offered by the Second-cycle degree course enable the creative implementation of professional and innovative solutions.


In this Second-cycle degree course, what is immediately perceived is a strong desire on the part of the teaching staff to pass on to us students the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years.

The presence of projects, to be carried out both individually and in groups, are a first opportunity to 'get your hands dirty' with what you have seen in class and often allow you to strengthen ties with other students and the teacher, thus proving to be an opportunity for growth both professionally and interpersonally.

The topics covered during the course are varied and extremely topical; this allows us students to gain a closer insight into different areas of research in computer science, acquiring skills that are highly sought after in the world of work and a greater awareness, useful for better understanding which path to follow among the many that open up before us.
Federico S. (Second-year student)