Studying abroad

The international mobility of students on the course of study takes place within the framework of the internationalisation projects envisaged by our university within the Erasmus Programme (mobility for the purpose of study SMS, mobility for the purpose of internship SMT; Erasmus KA 107) and the Overworld Programme.

The university offices in charge take care of all the administrative aspects of concluding bilateral agreements, managing calls for applications and procedures for the acceptance of scholarships and contacts with host universities.

In the phase prior to the student's departure for the foreign location, the departmental delegate is consulted and, if necessary, contacts the lecturers of the courses that will be replaced by Erasmus+ courses to sign the Learning Agreement form. With this form, the delegate takes note of the course programme and preliminarily confirms the possibility of validating the examination. In the second stage, on the student's return, the delegate takes note of the results obtained and converts the grade obtained by the student at the foreign location into thirtieths as provided for in the Degree Course Regulations

The delegate, in cooperation with the International Educational Exchange Office, is also responsible for helping the student with contacts with foreign contact persons, finding course programmes, and contacts with lecturers. It also deals with the concluding phase, in which the Course Council expresses its opinion on the proposed validations and formalises the recognition of the examinations taken.

Delegate for training periods abroad and for international student mobility in the DUSIC Department is Prof. Gioia Angeletti - email: ; specifically for the degree course in Journalism, Publishing Culture and Multimedia Communication you can also contact Prof. Giulio Iacoli - email:

More information can be found on the page Opportunities for Italian students