State examination

TO BECOME A PUBLICISTS AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS Article 1 of Law No. 69/1963 (, distinguishes between: professional journalists who are those who exclusively and continuously exercise the profession of journalist; publicist journalists who are those who carry out non-occasional and remunerated journalistic activities even if they exercise other professions or jobs.
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Professional journalist

In order to become a professional journalist, and to register in the relevant list, the following prerequisites apply:

A) apprenticeship or school of journalism

1) carry out 18 months of apprenticeship (Article 34 Law No. 69/1963 and interpretative criteria at - section: Laws and Standards) and, in addition, attend one of the training or theoretical preparation courses, including "distance learning" courses, lasting at least 45 hours, promoted by the National Council or the Regional Councils of the Order;

2) alternatively, have attended one of the journalism schools recognised by the National Council of the Order of Journalists for two years ( section: journalism schools);

B) pass the professional aptitude examination (Art. 32 Law no. 69/1963)

According to the law, the professional aptitude examination consists of a written and oral test of journalistic technique and practice, supplemented by knowledge of the legal rules relating to the subject of journalism.
The examination must be held in Rome, before a seven-member Committee, five of whom must be appointed by the National Council of the Order from among professional journalists who have been registered for no less than 10 years. The other 2 members will be appointed by the President of the Court of Appeal of Rome, one chosen from among court magistrates and the other from among appellate magistrates; the latter will act as president of the Committee under review.
The application for registration, together with the necessary documents, must be handed in to the competent Regional Order, i.e. the one where one's residence is located. The addresses of the Orders can be found at - section 'Regional Orders'.

Publicist journalist

To register in the list of publicists, it is necessary to have carried out continuous and regularly paid journalistic activity for at least two years (Article 35 Law No. 69/1963).

Further information can be found on the website of the National Council of Journalists ( in the section 'National Order' - 'Register' and in the Regulation implementing Law No. 69/1963: PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 115/1965.