Student registry office

The student registry office manages, from an administrative point of view, the careers of students from enrolment to graduation.
It provides information on the bureaucratic formalities for:
-incoming or outgoing transfers
-transfer from/to another UNIPR degree course
-withdrawal from a course
-suspension of career
-programme of study
-fees and contributions
-students' careers graduation procedure
-enrolment in individual course units

Online registry services - ESSE3

Students can manage various aspects of their university career online via the online registry services

Student registry office for science degree courses
Tel. 0521 905116 (N.B.: please note that this number is answered in the first instance by the University Contact Centre, not the Student registry office)- Fax 0521 906153
Student registry office address: Parco Area delle Scienze 23/A - University Campus - 43124 Parma
To book the online reception through the Teams platform follow the info published on the student registry office page