Course units and programme of study

The programme of study is the set of compulsory and elective course units that the student must take in order to graduate.
Submission of the programme of study for one's year of enrolment is compulsory and is necessary, above all, for registering for examinations and completing the teaching evaluation questionnaires.
All current students must submit their programme of study online via the Esse3 system.
The programme of study may differ depending on the academic year of enrolment ('cohort'); it may also provide for a choice between different study paths ('curriculum').
For a list of the course units that can be included in the programme of study, select the academic year of enrolment and, if available, the curriculum.
Search for the programme of study course units.

List of courses

How the programme of study works

The list of course units in the programme of study represents the set of training activities that can be envisaged for each of the years of which the degree course consists and changes according to the year in which the student enrols. Free or restricted-choice course units are optional learning activities that students may include in their programme of study according to the choice criteria specified on this page; the remaining course units are compulsory for all students.
Students are allowed to submit their own programme of study with options other than those presented on this page (and available in ESSE3), as long as it is consistent with achieving the course's educational objectives. In that case, the programme must be submitted to the Course Council for approval.

Crediti per attività di libera partecipazione

The University recognises, for students on courses of study who request it, university credits for free participation activities, i.e. activities carried out in the SPORTS, CULTURAL and SOCIAL spheres that involve the student in the operational context in which the activities are carried out.

Credits for free participation activities


Compulsory training on safety in the workplace

Students on the degree course are obliged to take the course on safety in the workplace.
Information can be found at the following link

Soft Skills –Transversal teaching activities for the a.y. 2022/2023

These are training activities meant to provide students with a first degree of knowledge, skills and qualities that come into play when competences are tranlsated into behaviour, answering to a necessitiy of the organisation environment, and to implement and improve the so-called soft skills for a better integration into the world of work.

Soft Skills –Transversal teaching activities for the a.y. 2022/2023