Course presentation

The degree course in Mathematics is aimed at all students who show an interest in Mathematics and its applications. 
The Degree Course in Mathematics gives access to the Master's Degree Courses in Mathematics offered by Italian universities in the LM-40 class.
Below is a video presentation of the Degree Course.

Welcome Day 2022

di seguito la presentazione del Welcome Day del Corso di Laurea Triennale il Matematica del 20 settembre 2022

The Course in Brief

The Degree Course in Mathematics is open-access, so there is no admission test, but a non-selective test to ascertain admission preparation is compulsory under current legislation, the outcome of which in no way prejudices the possibility of enrolling in the Degree Course.

The Degree Course in Mathematics provides a solid basic grounding in the mathematical disciplines, enabling the student to become familiar with the modern formulation and various aspects of the subject. The theoretical mathematical training is complemented by applied modelling training, which emphasises the algorithmic and computational aspects of mathematics, to enable the student to see the various faces of mathematics and the interactions between the various areas of mathematics.
The structure of the degree course is also designed to enable the student to acquire the basic knowledge that will allow him/her to specialise in the areas of mathematics that he/she most prefers within the Second-Cycle degree course in Mathematics.

The basic tool for the development of the student's knowledge and skills is face-to-face classes in the classroom combined with tutorial and/or laboratory sessions.

Attendance is not compulsory although it is recommended. Attendance at a minimum of 70% of the classes in the Elements of Mathematics course is compulsory only for students who have not passed the placement test or who have not taken it.

Although this degree course is delivered in the traditional mode, some subjects, especially in the first two years of the course, make use of multimedia tools for the delivery of lectures. In particular, tablet PCs are used to upload pdf files with the teacher's class notes and/or audio/video files of the class to a dedicated portal.

From three-year degree to master's degree

The Degree Course in Mathematics provides access to the Master's Degree Courses in Mathematics offered by Italian universities in the LM-40 class.
As part of his or her training, the three-year degree student in Mathematics will be able to continue his or her studies, with a good capacity for autonomy, possibly also in related scientific areas, such as Physics and Engineering, provided that he or she meets the curricular requirements of the Second-Cycle Degree Course and following verification of personal preparation.

Why study Mathematics in Parma

  • Quality of the course catalogue: evidenced by both the first place in Education Around's 2021 ranking (Mathematics and Physics Bachelor's degree sector) and by the opinion expressed by representatives of companies in the area;
  • Optimal teacher/student ratio: the number of matriculated students in the Mathematics degree course has grown in recent years to reach 60. Such numbers allow for a direct teacher/student relationship.
  • Tutoring activities: students from the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Mathematics and the PhD Programme in Mathematics carry out tutoring activities both in support of teaching, especially in the first two years of the course, and at the desk to help students in the preparation of study plans and for advice on the organisation of study and exam preparation.
  • Facilities made available to students: the Mathematics Complex provides three rooms for individual study. In addition, classrooms are left available for students to study individually or in small groups when not occupied by classes.