Average calculation

Article 9 of the Degree Course Regulations - Regulations
1. The final grade is out of 110.
2. The degree grade is determined by the sum of the admission grade and the grade awarded for the thesis submitted by the candidate. Students require a degree grade of at least 66/110 to pass the degree examination.
3. The admission grade is out of 110 and based on the weighted average of the best marks worth up to 150 ECTS credits, excluding supernumerary exams. It is rounded up to the next whole number if the decimal is greater than or equal to 0.5, and down if less than 0.5. In the calculation of the average, '30/30 with honours' is counted as 33/30. Students who graduate within the prescribed time of the course are awarded an extra point (1/110) to add to the calculated average. Students who have obtained at least 12 ECTS credits abroad are awarded an extra point (1/110) to add to the calculated average.
4. The graduation committee awards the dissertation presented by the candidate a full mark between 0 and 4. The dissertation is not discussed publicly if it has been examined by the 'preliminary evaluation committee'. In this case, the mark awarded for the dissertation is at most 1 point. This committee forwards its own dissertation grade proposal to the graduation committee, which makes the final assessment. The preliminary evaluation committee, consisting of at least three members of the CC, is appointed by the president of the CC. The decision to submit the dissertation to this committee is made by the supervisor after consulting and informing the graduating student. The supervisor communicates this choice to the president of the CC and the president of the graduation committee at least 15 days before the date of the degree examination.
5. If the final score, the sum of the admission grade and the dissertation grade, exceeds or equals 110, the committee awards the degree grade 110/110 or '110/110 with honours'.Honours are awarded by unanimous approval of the committee.
6. The qualification obtained is 'Degree in Computer Technologies Engineering (class of degrees in Information Technology Engineering (L-8))'. Graduates are awarded the academic title of dottore.