PRE-CURRENT AND TESTING OF MATHEMATICS KNOWLEDGE Newly enrolled students (or those interested in enrolling) in the first year of the first-cycle degree course in Chemistry are invited to take part in the pre-course in Mathematics from mid-September. This activity is aimed at reviewing the High School Mathematics topics that are essential for a successful approach to the Mathematics course unit in Chemistry. 
In early September, the schedule of meetings will be announced on the course webpage.
INITIAL PREPARATION ASSESSMENT TEST (VPI) For the first-year student, an initial preparation test in mathematics is compulsory, typically a computer-based test with 20 multiple-choice questions.
OFA (ADDITIONAL TRAINING OBLIGATION) Students who did not participate in the maths test or did not achieve a pass mark, i.e. a score of at least 8 points (1 point for a correct answer, 0 points for an answer not given, -0.25 points for an incorrect answer), will be awarded an OFA (Additional Training Obligation). The OFA in mathematics stipulates that students must compulsorily attend the mathematics tutoring activities that will take place during the first semester and demonstrate, by passing the remedial test (scheduled for December/January), that they have made up the deficiencies in basic mathematics.
Students who are still absent or insufficient in the make-up test must take the test prior to the written examination in Mathematics 1 and Exercises, informing the professor/instructor by e-mail of their intention to take the examination, at least 10 days before the date of the call.
The OFA MUST however be resolved before taking the Mathematics 1 and Exercises exam.