cod. 14440

Academic year 2016/17
6° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
CEDA Gian Paolo
integrated course unit
6 credits
course unit
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Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

knowledge about the comprehensive management of patients suffering from internal diseases


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Course unit content

The classes will help to get knowledge of epidemiological, physiopathological, clinical and therapeutical aspects of internal medicine diseases such as osteoporosis primary and secondary, hypovitaminosis D and osteomalacia, Paget diseases of bone, 1° hyperparathyroidism, and thrombo-embolic diseases, etc.

Full programme

The program will address several diseases of the adult and old patients: Osteoporosis diagnosis and therapy, Osteomalacia, Iper PTH 1°, Hypercalcemic syndromes, Hypocalcemia, Paget disease of bone, Venous thrombosis, Polmonary embolism, LES, AR,frailty, heart failure, endocrine diseases of the elderly, CGA, dementia, hypertension etc.


1) Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, XVIII° ed. Mc Grow Hill ed.
2) Rugarli, Medicina Interna sistematica VI° ed, elsevier ed.

Teaching methods

All classes will start from the description of a patient pathological problem, then analyzing the different aspects of a disease in the context of real patient's clinical problems .
Therapeutical aspects will be considered in a practical fashion.

Assessment methods and criteria

An oral test will start from the description of a specific patient, and the student will discuss in a critical fashion the different diagnostic options in order to reach a specific diagnosis, followed by the definition of a therapeutical approach.
This modality will allow the evaluation of the knowledge as well as the clinical skills of the student

Other information

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