cod. 1011447

Academic year 2023/24
1° year of course - Second semester
- Mauro CONTER
Academic discipline
Ispezione degli alimenti di origine animale (VET/04)
Fondamenti di produzioni animali *
Type of training activity
24 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: HYGIENE AND QUALITY OF DAIRY PRODUCTS

Learning objectives

The course provides the essential elements related to voluntary and regulated certifications, the mandatory and voluntary aspects of the labelling of food of Animal Origin and the elements of internal traceability and supply chain traceability.
The student will know the main certification schemes and the basic principles, rules, requirements and operating methods necessary to deal with audit activities.
The student will also be able to understand the elements inherent in the legislative and optional obligations of food labelling.
Finally, the student will be able to orient himself within the traceability systems of the main dairy chains.


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Course unit content

1) Regulatory framework
2) Definitions of traceability and traceability
3) The RASFF system, Withdrawal - Recall, Alert
4) Traceability test and mass balance
5) Practical applications

B. Labelling
1) Labelling legislation
Mandatory information
B2B products
B2C products
Voluntary information
Information on GMOs/ Organic
Information on allergens
Production site
2) Labelling of Origin
3) Animal welfare on the label
4) Labelling for export products
5) Fundamentals of Nutrition Labelling

1) Introduction to Business Self-control
2) The HACCP system
3) Voluntary certification
Introduction to certifications
Product Certifications
Process Certification
Chain certifications from primary production (breeding) to the final producer / consumer
Main ISO Schemes, International Certifications and GDO Schemes (BRC, IFS, TESCO, Marks & Spencer, etc), Technical Specifications
The certification process
Inspection authorities and certification costs

4) Regulated certifications (PDO PGI)
Main Protected Products
Responsibility of the OAS
Role of consortia - control plans
Certification bodies and related controls (CSQA, OCQPR, etc.)
Accreditation Bodies and Authorities (MIPAAF, ICQRF, Accredia)

5) Inspection and Audit concepts
Overview of the ISO 19011 standard
First, second and third part audits
The auditor and his qualifications
The Inspection Officer (RVI)
Consequences of the inspections
NC and NC Management

Full programme

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Presentations of lectures.
International standards: BRC and IFS (PDF free download
The European legislation mentioned during the course is available on

Teaching methods

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Assessment methods and criteria

The examination of the module "TRACEABILITY, LABELLING AND CERTIFICATION OF DAIRY PRODUCTS" provides for a multiple choice written test.
The written test consists of 5 questions with three possible answers, one of which is correct. Each correct answer is awarded 3 points, while the wrong or missing answer is awarded 0 points.
The score of the Course "HYGIENE AND QUALITY OF DAIRY PRODUCTS" is integrated with that obtained from the Module "HYGIENIC ASPECTS OF DAIRY PRODUCTS", which provides for the same system.
In this way, the exam is considered passed upon reaching 18 points (at least 6 correct answers between the two modules).

Other information

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