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The vocational degree course in Dairy Enterprise Technology and Management has been developed along the Emilia milk route. It is an inter-university course with the University of Milan in collaboration with the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and CREA - Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics, Lodi hub.
The degree course aims to train graduates in a field of great importance for the country's economy, the dairy industry. The main pillar of the course is the internships that will allow the student to verify and apply directly in the dairy farms the theoretical knowledge, both basic and specialised, acquired during the three years.
The highly professional training acquired will enable graduates to find employment in all the production realities of the dairy sector, in laboratories and control structures, and to carry out freelance activities as company consultants.
The teaching site of the Degree Course is the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences in Parma.

Career oriented degree
Admission test
course in Italian
class L-P02
180 credits


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