Average calculation

For the purposes of assessing the final examination, students can view the calculation of the arithmetic and weighted average by logging onto their ESSE3 page.

Allocation of student marks in the degree examination

For the purposes of awarding the final grade, the committee assesses the dissertation, the oral presentation and the graduating student's entire career.

The degree mark is awarded by the committee in a mark out of 110 and takes into account the weighted average of the curricular examinations converted into a mark out of 110, as calculated by the ESSE3 platform.

Compared to the average of the curricularexaminations reported in a mark out of 110, in addition to rounding to the nearest whole number, the graduation mark may be increased by a maximum of 12 points.
A bonus is envisaged for student representatives in the University Bodies and Organs, to the extent of 1 additional point in the final examination.

The award of honours is granted, upon proposal of the President of the Graduation Committee, only in cases where with the increase decided by the Committee the mark reaches 110/110.

Unanimity of the committee is required for the awarding of honours.

For more details see the Teaching Regulations.