cod. 1009822

Academic year 2023/24
3° year of course - Second semester
- Sebastiano BUTI - Antonino MUSOLINO - Marcello TISEO
Academic discipline
Oncologia medica (MED/06)
Clinica delle specialità medico-chirurgiche
Type of training activity
40 hours
of face-to-face activities
4 credits
course unit

Integrated course unit module: Hematology & Oncology

Learning objectives

The student should know the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of
neoplastic diseases. To achieve this objective the student should possess
basic notions on the pathophysiology of the oncogenetic process. The
knowledge of conventional and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic
strategies is also required.


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Course unit content

The student should acquire the pathophysiology of the following forms of
cancer: breast, lung, GI tract, kidney, prostate and ovary

Full programme

Molecular and cellular basis of cancer and its clinical impact
- The immune surveillance in cancer patient
- Pathogenetic and Clinical Aspects of Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Gastric,
Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer
Clinical approach to cancer patients:
Setting the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Plan
- Interpretation of objective data and supporting laboratory and
instrumental tests
- The student needs to know the clinical features and elements of the
differential diagnosis of palpable or radiologically proven tumors
- The student should be able to interpret haematological indices and
reports of the histological diagnosis of malignant disease to obtain the
clinical staging
- The student needs to recognize the specificity and clinical relevance of
symptoms related to cancer
- The student must know the clinical approach to cancer patient
- The student needs to know the methods of indexing the performance
- The student should be observer of the diagnostic procedures such as
needle aspiration or fine needle biopsies
- The student needs to know the principles of the following therapies:
chemotherapy, targeted therapies, radiotherapy, immunotherapy,
supportive care


The Washington Manual of Oncology, 4th edition, edizioni Wolters Kluwer.

The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Oncology Sixth Edition.

Teaching methods

The course will be held through lectures to Students either in the
classroom (“in presenza”) or in synchronous-streaming (“in
telepresenza”) on the Teams platform. Therefore, the opportunity of
Student/Teacher interaction will be preserved both face to face and
remotely, by the simultaneous use of the Teams platform.
Lectures will be supported by slide presentations, which will be available
to students on the Elly platform (https://elly2020.medicina.unipr.it/).

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination with multiple choice test and open questions.

Other information

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