cod. 16426

Academic year 2024/25
5° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Malattie odontostomatologiche (MED/28)
Discipline odontoiatriche e radiologiche
Type of training activity
40 hours
of face-to-face activities
4 credits
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course unit

Integrated course unit module: IMPLANT DENTISTRY

Learning objectives

• Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of surgical procedures in periodontology.
• Understand the indications and contraindications of periodontal surgical techniques.
• Learn the current clinical practice guideline from the European Federation of Periodontology on the treatment of residual pockets (step 3 of therapy)
• Develop skills for the treatment of periodontal defects through surgical interventions.
• Develop competencies for the surgical treatment of gingival recessions and mucogingival defects
• Learn guided tissue regeneration techniques and bone grafting.
• Familiarize with maintenance and post-operative management techniques for periodontal patients.


Courses of Dental Hygiene and Periodontology (4th)

Course unit content

The course critically addresses the scientific premises and operational foundations of clinical procedures aimed at surgical periodontal therapies.

Full programme

• Anatomy of the periodontium
• Classification of periodontal diseases
• Indications and contraindications for periodontal surgery
• Periodontal surgical instruments
• Incision and suturing techniques
• Management of the surgical field
• Ergonomics and infection prevention
• Resective osseous surgery
• Osteotomy and osteoplasty
• Indications and clinical protocols
• Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)
• Regenerative materials: membranes, autografts, allografts xenografts and biologic factors
• Bone regeneration techniques
• Free gingival graft techniques
• Treatment of gingival recessions
• Periodontal maintenance protocol
• EFP treatment guideline for the treatment of periodontal residual pockets (step 3)


English edition
"Lindhe’s Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry", 7th Ed.; edited by Lang N, Berglundh T, GIannobile W, Sanz M.

Italian edition
Testo atlante di parodontologia e terapia implantare. Società Italiana di Parodontologia (SIdP). Quintessenza 2017

Selection of scientific articles

Teaching methods

Lectures, clinical case discussions, practical exercises, all integrated with discussions of the topics covered in order to stimulate critical thinking and acquire knowledge and skills in the field of periodontology.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam, evaluation of the internship component, quality of student participation in the course.

Other information

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