Admission test

The degree course in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics has nationally scheduled access: enrolment in the course is subject to passing the admission test.
Admission to the course is regulated, for each academic year, by a specific decree of the MUR (Ministry of Universities and Research), which defines the procedures for the admission test, its content and sets the date.


Admission procedures

The single-cycle Degree Course in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics is a nationally-scheduled course.
The number of eligible students, the modalities of the admission test, a single national one, and, the relative ranking of successful candidates, a single national one, are determined annually by special DMs (for 2019, DM 277 of 28 March 2019).
Students who pass the entrance test with a mark of less than 50% of the maximum mark awarded for the following questions: biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics will be assigned additional educational debts (OFAs).
For the fulfilment of OFAs, specific propaedeutic and supplementary teaching activities will be organised with the aim of recovering the debt.
To this end, 9 cheques have been allocated through the call for the allocation of cheques for the encouragement of tutoring activities and preparatory and remedial didactic-integrative activities pursuant to Law no. 170 of 11 July 2003
- Art. 2 of DM MIUR 198/2003).
The verification of the results obtained will be performed when evaluating the related courses.