cod. 08719

Academic year 2022/23
3° year of course - First semester
- Silvia Eleonora GAZZANI - Gianluca MILANESE - Mario SILVA - Nicola SVERZELLATI
Academic discipline
Diagnostica per immagini e radioterapia (MED/36)
Discipline odontoiatriche e radiologiche
Type of training activity
60 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

This course aims at allowing the students to understand basic elements of anatomy and imaging of the main oral and tooth disorders, to identify the imaging techniques to be used for the diagnosis and treatment planning.

At the end of this course, the student will have to show skills with regard to the following items:
- knowledge of the radiologic, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the main oral and tooth disorders
- identification of the technique of choice for the assessment of specific diseases


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Course unit content

Diagnostic techniques: conventional and intramural radiology, orthopantomography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance.
Diagnostic flow chart in dentistry
Radiological anatomy: jaws, oral cavity, neck, lymph nodes
Oral pathology
- Abnormal dentition
- Periodontal disease
- Sinus disease
- Caries
- Dysodontiasis
- Tooth abscess
- Cyst
- Benign and malignant tumors
- Salivary gland pathology
- Implants

Full programme

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1) Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology
2) Cone Beam CT of the head and neck

Teaching methods

Lectures will be held on-site in compliance with safety standards, provided that further instructions on the ongoing health emergency are not implemented. Supporting material will be available on the specific, student-reserved platform (Elly) and will include slide presentations, audio-video aids or video-recording of the lectures.

Assessment methods and criteria

The proof of the achievements of the course objectives will be obtained by an oral interview.
Specific questions related to the learning objectives of the course will ascertain if the student achieved knowledge and comprehension of the course contents.
Students will have to demonstrate their ability in applying the achieved knowledge through exemplifying clinical cases.

Other information

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