cod. 1007095

Academic year 2018/19
3° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Diritto penale (IUS/17)
"scienze della prevenzione nell'ambiente e nei luoghi di lavoro"
Type of training activity
14 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: LEGAL AND FORENSIC SCIENCES

Learning objectives

The course aims to give the students a basic knowledge of the elements of crime and of the criminal procedure. The course also aims to analize the main health and safety crimes.


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Course unit content

The part of the course concerning "Istituzioni di Diritto e procedura penale" in the first part aims to give the students a basic knowledge of the elements of crime and of the criminal procedure to give the students the instruments to comprehend the main health and safety crimes.
During the course will be analized the criminal liability of the companies by d.l.vo n. 231/2001, concerning also the most serious accindents at work.
Then will be analized main health and safety crimes (described in criminal code and in d.l.vo n. 81/2008).
Will be explained law definitions contained in d.l.vo n. 81/2008, necessary to study the health and safety crimes.
Will also be analized te contnts of d.l.vo n. 758/1994.

Full programme

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About the general part of the criminal law:
- Alessio Lanzi - Stefano Putinati, Istituzioni di diritto penale dell'economia, Giuffrè editore, Milano, ult. ed.
- Alberto Cadoppi - Paolo Veneziani, Elementi di diritto penale. Parte generale, Cedam, Padova, ult. ed.
About health and safety criminal law:
- Giuseppe Santoro Passarelli (a cura di), La nuova sicurezza in azienda. Commentario al Titolo I del D.Lgs. n. 81/2008, Ipsoa, Milano, ult. ed.

Teaching methods

Oral lessons concerning the main topics of the course and on some important cases decided by the Supreme Court.

Assessment methods and criteria

The student can chose do do the final exam written, at the end of the course, or oraly.
Written exam has four open questions and five multiple choise questions. Oral exam by three questions on the topics of the course. To pass the oral exam the student must answer in passing grade at least at two questions.

Other information

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