cod. 1004882

Academic year 2018/19
3° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Medicina legale (MED/43)
Scienze della prevenzione e dei servizi sanitari
Type of training activity
14 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: LEGAL AND FORENSIC SCIENCES

Learning objectives

The student should acquire sufficient information to judge his professional activity from a legal and ethic point of view with particular reference to criminal, civil and insurance aspects.



Course unit content

The lectures provide the basic notions regarding the medical-legal aspects of the profession of health technician of prevention in the environment and in the workplace. After the essential notions of criminal law, the main crimes connected with the health activity are examined, discussing not only the general principles but also doctrinal and jurisprudential exemplifications. From these premises we analyze, in their juridical and legal medical significance, the topics strictly related to the practice of the profession, up to present and deepen the complex subject of professional health responsibility and job protection

Full programme

Elementary principles of Law. Judiciary. Causality. Imputability and Criminal responsibility. The constituent elements of offense. Life and Health offense. Civil Liability and personal injury. Medical activity documentation: medical files and certification. Failure to rescue. Default of official acts. Material and ideological falsehood. Unauthorized practice. professionale responsability in healthcare. Regulations of the employment relationship. Worker protection


MACCHIARELLI L., ALBARELLO P., CAVE BONDI G., FEOLA T.: Compendio di Medicina Legale - Ed. Minerva Medica, Torino, ultima ed. - NORELLI G.A., BUCCELLI C., FINESCHI V.: Medicina Legale e delle Assicurazioni - Ed. Piccin, Padova ultima ed. In aggiunta per gli studenti di Giurisprudenza: DE FERRARI F., PALMIERI L., Manuale di Medicina Legale, Ed. Giuffrè, Milano 2007. Fotocopie fornite dal docente.

Teaching methods

Front lecturing.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination. The final grade will be based on the overall assessment of the teachers of the Integrated Course

Other information

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