cod. 00687

Academic year 2019/20
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Meccanica applicata alle macchine (ING-IND/13)
Ingegneria meccanica
Type of training activity
72 hours
of face-to-face activities
9 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

On the basis of a deep knowledge of kinematics, statics and dynamics of mechanical system, the course provides the practical and theorical knowledge required for a proper functional design of machines and their devices


Mechanical Drawing, Rational Mechanics

Course unit content

Mechanisms assembly Forces acting on mechanisms Efficiency Fundamental concepts of tribology: friction, wearing, lubrication Joints, brakes, clutches Concepts of rigid body kinematics and applications to mechanisms Articulated systems Cam-follower devices Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms Motion transmission between shafts Belt and chain transmissions Gears Fundamentals of dynamics. Mechanism dynamics. Vibrations of one degree-of-freedom systems. Introduction to the experimental investigation. Rotor dynamics. Fundamental concepts of angular velocity control.

Full programme

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E. FUNAIOLI, A.MAGGIORE, U.MENEGHETTI: “Lezioni di Meccanica Applicata alle Macchine”, Voll.1-2, Patron Editore, Bologna. For the activities: notes written by the teacher. Other books will be suggested during the lessons.

Teaching methods

Lessons and exercises with applied examples of topics which are discussed at the lessons.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists in a written examination, lasting one hour, with three questions about topics teached during the lessons. Each result will be discussed with the student right after the written test.

Other information

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