cod. 05914

Academic year 2016/17
2° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Topografia e cartografia (ICAR/06)
"ingegneria per l'ambiente e territorio"
Type of training activity
63 hours
of face-to-face activities
9 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

The course provides basic concepts in design and completion of photogrammetric and laser scanning surveys.


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Course unit content

Analytical photogrammetry. Collinearity condition. Projective transformation and image metrology. Interior and exterior orientation. Rotation matrices. Collinearity equations. Object space and image space transformations. Error theory of the normal case. Planar object projection: homographies and image rectification. Exterior orientation: direct and indirect methodologies. Complanarity equations. Relative and absolute orientation. Bundle block adjustment and block adjustment by independent models.

Acquisitions sensors and systems. Lenses and image formation. Films and Charged Coupled Devices (CCD). Spatial and radiometric resolution. Image distortions. Film and digital cameras (metric, semi-metric and consumer cameras). Scanners. Calibration techniques. Image space corrections: radial and tangential distortion, film unflatness, atmospheric refraction. Airborne and terrestrial laser scanners. Georefencing.

Design, acquisition, georeferencing and bundle block adjustment of photogrammetric surveys. Flight planning. Direct georeferencing using GPS and INS. Simulations and block adjustment.

Photogrammetric instruments and measuring techniques. Stereovison and stereorestitution. Stereo and mono-comparators. Stereoplotters. Digital map production and GIS data acquisition. Analogue, analytical and digital stereoplotters. Measurement operations: points, contour levels, gridded and irregularly triangulated DTM.

Digital photogrammetry. Image processing: filtering, convoluting and restoring a digital image. Digital image correlation. Feature extraction. DTM production through automatic image correlation. Multiresolution techniques: image pyramids.

Photogrammetric products. Image rectification and its accuracy. Rectification by differential transofrmation. Orthophotography.

Design and quality control in map production.

Laboratory activities
Design, acquisition, calibration and restitution of a small close range photogrammetric survey.

Full programme

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K. Kraus, Phototgrammetry, Levrotto e Bella (TO)
Slides (pdf format) of in class lectures

Teaching methods

In class lectures and practical exercise

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination with discussion of the project completed in the exercises

Other information

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