Enrolment procedures and deadlines

For enrolment on the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Environmental and land management engineering, students must possess knowledge corresponding to that provided by the first-cycle degree course in Engineering in the L-7 class (M.D. 270/2004) or in class 8 (M.D. 509/99).
A test of the student's individual preparation is provided for, in the manner specified in the degree course regulations. This test will also include an assessment of sufficient knowledge of the English language.
For access by graduates coming from first-cycle degree course classes other than those indicated above, a committee, appointed by the Course Council, will indicate any curricular additions in terms of ECTS credits that must be acquired by the student, in the manner specified in the degree course regulations, prior to verification of individual preparation.
The individual's preparation will be ascertained through an interview that will verify the fulfilment of the entry requirements, held on the dates indicated in the calendar.

Calendar of interviews to ascertain entry requirements for second-cycle degrees (Civil Engineering Area)
Degree course regulations