cod. 06140

Academic year 2019/20
5° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Malattie odontostomatologiche (MED/28)
Discipline odontoiatriche e radiologiche
Type of training activity
24 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit


Learning objectives

Provide the theoretical and clinical skills for the medical, surgical and dental management of the patient with sitemic disorders


Knowledge of biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, general pathology, histo-pathology, internal medicine, oral medicine

Course unit content

Physopathological aspects of pregnancy, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, immunodeficiency

Full programme

- Pathophysiological Aspects of Pregnancy
- Changes in saliva and oral cavity during pregnancy
- Oral and dental pathologies in pregnancy
- Pharmacological and odontostomatological management of the patient during pregnancy
- The pathologies of the oral cavity to iauto immune diseases: diagnosis and therapy.
- Diabetes and its complications
- Oral and dental pathologies in the diabetic patient
- Pharmacological and odontostomatological management of the diabetic patient
- Odontostomatological implications of hemostasis disorders
- Surgical and odontostomatological management of the patient in oral anticoagulant treatment
- Dental and oral changes in kidney diseases and kidney transplantation
- Hypertrophic-hyperplastic gengivitis
- Pharmacological and odontostomatological management of the nephropathic patient
- Dental and oral changes in liver disease
- Oral lichen planus, oral cancer and HCV infection
- Pharmacological and surgical management of the patient affected by liver diseases
- Odontostomatological implications of HIV infection
- Dental management of the immunocompromised patient


- Scully C: Medical Problems in Dentistry – seventh Ed. Churchill Livingstone Elsevier
- Ficarra G: Manuale di Patologia e Medicina Orale. Mc Graw-Hill
- Ibsen OAC, Phelan JA: Patologia Orale. CIC Edizioni Internazionali

Teaching methods

Class lessons: the program themes will be discussed with the aid of slides. The proposed topics will be the subject of collective discussion and study on the basis of ideas and any questions raised during the lessons themselves.

Assessment methods and criteria

The achievement of the goals of the course is verified by an oral exam.
Answering questions about the contents of the course, the student will demonstrate whether he/she has achieved the goals of knowledge and understanding of the contents

Other information

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