cod. 12942

Academic year 2015/16
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Informatica (INF/01)
Inglese scientifico e abilità linguistiche, informatiche e relazionali, pedagogia medica, tecnologie avanzate e a distanza di informazione e comunicazione
Type of training activity
50 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
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course unit
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Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding:
essential knowledge of mathematical calculus and related software.

Making judgements: basic.

Communication and learning skills:
properly express themselves with mathematical language.

The course aims to give the knowledge of the basic concepts for a precise and quick investigation of the resources in medical databases and understand the best way to their investigations.


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Course unit content

-To provide the general knowledges of mathematical analysis, geometry and statistics.
-To provide the general knowledges of computing.

The binary system and Boole’s logic operators. Bibliographic research in medicine: the use of the web resources. Key words employ in web investigation. How to refine a research.

Full programme

Linear algebra: matrices and linear systems.
Mathematical analysis: derivates and integrals.
General knowledges of computing. Algorithm and flow chart.
Binary system and Boolean operators.
Medical database systems. Databases and the web.
Bibliographic research in medicine: the use of web resources. Key words employ in web investigation. Boole’s operators in database investigation.


Selected chapters of the following books:

-Villani V. Matematica per discipline bio-mediche. McGraw-Hill, Milano, 2007.

-Anichini G., Conti G., Geometria analitica e algebra lineare, Pearson, Milano, 2009.

-Mari L., Buonanno G., Sciuto D., Informatica e cultura dell'informazione, McGraw-Hill, Milano, 2013.

-Snyder L., Amoroso A., Fluency - Conoscere e usare l'informatica, 6 ed. con Mylab, etext, Pearson, Milano, 2011.

-Guerrini M., La biblioteca spiegata agli studenti universitari. Editrice Bibliografica, Milano, 2012.

-Corrao S., Conoscere e usare PubMed. Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Roma, 2008.

Teaching methods

Lectures, discussions and practical exercises on computer of several different topics.

Assessment methods and criteria

Mathematics: written and oral examination.

The trial will also evaluate the quality of student participation in class.

Other information

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