cod. 1004301

Academic year 2018/19
5° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Malattie odontostomatologiche (MED/28)
Tirocini formativi e di orientamento
Type of training activity
40 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: ORTHODONTICS

Learning objectives

The course aims to deepen the knowledge and understanding of orthodontic diagnostic method, to be able to formulate objectives and a plan for orthodontic treatment. To know and understand how dental movement in a context of biomechanics, associated psychological approach capability.


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Course unit content

To know and understand the importance of proper evaluation of cephalometric tracing path associated with other exams in order to plan an orthodontic treatment plan properly reasoned. Knowing and understanding how orthodontic wires modeling through practical exercises on templates. Tutor-driven exercises with patient approach in the application of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances.

Full programme

Anatomical and cephalometric analysis of teleradiografie. Orthodontic diagnosis with evaluation of exams and treatment plan. Orthodontic wires modeling. Participation in the treatment of patients.


D.Caprioglio, C.Lanteri, A.Levrini, A.Caprioglio - Ortodonzia Intercettiva- Edizioni Martina, Bologna, 2000.
C.Lanteri - Ortognatodonzia-Edizioni Masson, Milano, 2002.
M.Gandolfini - L'espansore rapido palatino ed il quad-helix - Edizioni Martina, Bologna, 1996.

Teaching methods

Lectures and practical exercises, complemented by discussion on orthodontic diagnosis and objectives of an orthodontic treatment plan in order to form a critical ability in students about orthodontic treatment as well as a knowledge of applications of various equipment and therapy possibilities.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination

Other information

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