cod. 06066

Academic year 2017/18
4° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Malattie odontostomatologiche (MED/28)
Discipline odontoiatriche e radiologiche
Type of training activity
28 hours
of face-to-face activities
4 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

Provide the theoretical and clinical information about semeiological process. The differential diagnosis of mouth and jaw bone diseases and their medical and surgical management


Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, general pathology, oral medicine

Course unit content

Principles of semeiotics, differential diagnosis of signs and symptoms of the diseases of the mouth and the maxillary bones, pain, xerostomia,

Full programme

- The semeiology in odontostomatology: anamnesis / clinical examination.
- Collection of documentation and compilation of the clinical record.
- Diagnostic pathway and differential diagnosis in odontostomatology
- Pathophysiology of pain in the oro-maxillo-facial district
- Differential diagnosis of odontogenic pain
- Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS): Clinical Aspects and Differential Diagnosis
- Using questionnaires on pain.
- BMS diagnostic protocol and therapy
- Infections in the oro-maxillo-facial district: abscesses and fleas. Diagnostic protocol and therapy
- Odontogenic sinuses: diagnostic protocol and therapy
- Medical Therapy in Odontostomatology: Anti-inflammatory and Antibiotic
- Pathophysiology of salivation
- Xerostomia and hyposalivation
- Sjögren syndrome: diagnostic protocol and therapy
- Allergies in dentistry
- Dentalmanagement of the allergic patient and operational protocols


- Scully C, Cawson RA: Il trattamento odontoiatrico nei pazienti affetti da malattie sistemiche . Antonio Delfino Editore
- Scully C: Medical Problems in Dentistry – seventh Ed. Churchill Livingstone Elsevier
- Ficarra G: Manuale di Patologia e Medicina Orale. Mc Graw-Hill
- Ibsen OAC, Phelan JA: Patologia Orale. CIC Edizioni Internazionali
Updated articles of international literature on specific topics

Teaching methods

lessons and discussion of clinical cases

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination on the reference program

Other information

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