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Academic year 2016/17
3° year of course - Second semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
integrated course unit
13 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

The course aims to enable the student to know and understand the main laboratory tests, in order to achieve the ability to use the knowledge and understanding gained in identifying the patient's problems related to the disease.
Knowledge of clinical aspects of interna medicine diseases, with special attention to disease that might presetn some interest for a dental doctor.


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Course unit content

The first lessons cover general topics regard to biological materials and preparation of the patient. The second part of the course addresses the main laboratory tests. The third part of the course covers the clinical interpretation of laboratory tests.
Pathophysyological, clinical and diagnostic aspect of internal medicine diseases,with only few general therpapeutical information.

Full programme

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G. Federici: Medicina di laboratorio – McGraw – Hill (ultima edizione)
Rugarli C.
Medicina Interna sistematica, VI° ed. masson ed. Milano

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons and discussion of clinical cases.

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of the achievement of the objectives of the course will include in-course tests with multiple choice quiz. At the oral exam by questions regarding the contents of the course will be determined whether the student has achieved the goal of knowledge and understanding of the content and if it is able to apply the knowledge gained.

Other information

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