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Academic year 2013/14
2° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Biologia molecolare (BIO/11)
"struttura, funzione e metabolismo delle molecole d'interesse biologico"
Type of training activity
21 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
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Integrated course unit module: BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY

Learning objectives

The course of Molecular Biology aims to enable the student to know and understand the biochemical aspects that underlie processes such as genetic continuity and evolution of living organisms.
At the end of the course the student must demonstrate that he has acquired the knowledge and understanding to enable him to have a solid overview of the general pathways of the flow of information through the processes of replication, transcription and translation.
He should learn the interconnections between the biochemistry, molecular biology and cell functions.


Knowledge of chemistry and basic biochemistry

Course unit content

In the first part of the teaching will be assessed the level of knowledge of the concepts that constitute the prerequisites.
In the second part we will look at topics that relate to the structural organization of the genes.
In Part III we will discuss the general mechanisms of regulation of gene expression and the main points of the metabolism of DNA and RNA.
Finally will be processed some aspects of protein synthesis.

Full programme

Genes and chromosomes: chromosomal elements, DNA super coil, structure of chromosomes
Gene expression regulation in bacteria and eukaryotes
DNA metabolism: replication, repair and recombination
RNA metabolism: RNA synthesis DNA dependent, RNA maturation, RNA and DNA synthesis DNA dependent
Protein synthesis


D.L. Nelson, M.M. Cox
Introduzione alla biochimica di Lehninger
Zanichelli Editore

Teaching methods

The teaching will be carried out with lectures during which after having exposed some general concepts will go on to describe their applications in the life processes of a cell.
The classes will be divided into three parts: a brief introduction to resume the arguments put forward in the previous lesson (10 '), questions about the arguments (10'), 30 'to present new arguments.

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of the achievement of the objectives set by the teaching include an oral exam which will focus on both the teaching program of Molecular Biology and on that of Biochemistry.
The main objective of the audit is to ascertain whether the student has achieved the aim of acquiring a solid knowledge and understanding of the whole of the contents of the two teachings.

As required by law and by the academic regulations, it is not possible to carry out the examination in two parts and acquire loans of a part of the exam.
Board of Examiners: Spisni Alberto, Elena Ferrari
Substitute: Pertinhez Thelma, Troglio Maria Giovanna

Other information

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