Access requirements

Admission to the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Computer Engineering requires a university degree or a three-year university diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable. Prior to enrolment, the possession of the curricular requirements must be ascertained and the adequacy of personal preparation verified, in accordance with the procedures specified below.

1) Curricular requirements
Curricular requirements are automatically met by the possession of a degree in the degree classes in Information Technology Engineering (Class L-8 according to MD 270/2004 or Class 9 according to MD 509/1999), as well as an adequate knowledge of English, as specified in the Degree Course Regulations.
The course is also open to graduates of other degree classes or university graduates (three-year courses), or persons in possession of another university qualification of at least three years' duration recognised as suitable, who in the course of their studies or in subsequent certified university educational activities have acquired:
a) not less than 30 ECTS credits in the following set of academic disciplines (SSD)
CHIM/07 Chemical fundamentals of technologies - FIS/01 Experimental physics - FIS/03 Physics of matter - MAT/02 Algebra - MAT/03 Geometry - MAT/05 Mathematical analysis - MAT/06 Probability and mathematical statistics - MAT/07 Mathematical physics - MAT/08 Numerical analysis - MAT/09 Operational research - SECS-S/02 Statistics for experimental and technological research
b) at least 24 ECTS credits in the following academic disciplines:
ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems - INF/01 Informatics

For graduates who do not fall into the above categories, such as graduates from abroad, the verification of curricular requirements will be carried out by considering appropriate equivalences between the syllabus and the commitment required by the course units and the academic disciplines indicated above.

2) Verification of the adequacy of personal preparation
The verification of personal preparation is always envisaged and separate from the fulfilment of the curricular requirements. Verification of the adequacy of personal preparation is deemed to have been satisfied if the qualification required for access to the second-cycle degree has been obtained with a mark no lower than that specified in the Course Regulations. If this is not the case, verification of personal preparation is carried out, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Course Regulations, by a special Committee by means of an individual interview, the outcome of which is certified for subsequent enrolment purposes

Admission procedures

Admission procedures are described in Article 11 of the Course Regulations (approved by the Course Council on 24 June 2021, confirmed and approved by the Council of the Department of Engineering and Architecture on 14 July 2021).