Average calculation

Art. 9 of the Study Course Didactic Regulations

1. The graduation grade is the sum of the admission grade and the grade awarded for the thesis. The examination is deemed passed if the grade is 66/110 or higher.
2. The admission grade is calculated in hundredths of a second as a weighted average of all grades achieved excluding superannuation exam grades. It is rounded up to an integer if the decimal is greater than or equal to 0.5, down if less than 0.5.
3. The degree committee awards the thesis a full mark from 0 to 7.
4. If the degree mark is 110 or higher, the committee members may propose honours. The awarding of honours is by unanimous approval of the committee.
5. The qualification awarded is 'Laurea Magistrale in Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles (LM-29)'. The English name of the degree awarded is 'Master of Science in Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles'.