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ONLINE GRADUATION APPLICATION The online graduation application must be completed at least ONE MONTH before the Graduation Session and the last exam must be recorded at least 10 DAYS before the Graduation Session. 
The online procedure for applying for admission to sit the degree examination is now active.
From the University's website, click on the heading Studente iscritto> Servizi di Segreteria on line> Domanda di laurea; you will need to access the service with your credentials.
For information, please follow the instructions on the webpage Inserting a final thesis paper into ESSE3

Regulations for experimental thesis activities

Art. 1 - GENERAL ASPECTS Experimental thesis activities may be carried out at research groups operating within the University of Parma or at external public and private bodies with which appropriate agreements have been entered into. They take place under the guidance of two instructors (internal and external) and correspond to 6 months of total commitment (Experimental Thesis Part A 20 ECTS credits, Experimental Thesis Part B 10 ECTS credits, Final Examination 3 ECTS credits).
The available thesis topics and all useful information for the choice are indicated by the proposing teachers via the Elly computer service and/or by communication to the Teaching Committee, which makes them available for consultation by students.
Art. 2. - ACCESS TO THE EXPERIMENTAL THESES Students who have acquired at least 230 ECTS credits, including those from the first level degree recognised for enrolment in the Second-cycle degree course in Chemistry programme, may access the experimental thesis.
Art. 3 - Ways of carrying out theses The thesis activity must begin on one of the following dates from the second year of the Second-cycle degree: 1 January - 1 March - 1 September Art. 4 - ADMISSION APPLICATIONS Applications for admission to the thesis, indicating the chosen curriculum (Biomolecular or Materials), the structure (Department, Company, Public Institution) where the thesis is to be carried out and two preferred thesis supervisors, must be submitted to the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability's Teaching Quality Assurance Service, by sending an email to If the thesis activity takes place outside the University, the following External Training Project form must be completed. The student must submit the application for admission to the thesis AT LEAST one month before the start date of the activity. The application must be submitted to the Department's Teaching Quality Assurance Service.
The dates for submitting applications are as follows: 30 November - 31 January - 15 July The Teaching Committee, taking into account the preferences expressed, assigns the student a thesis supervisor who agrees with the relevant structures on how the thesis should be conducted. In the case of an internship carried out in facilities outside the University, the supervisor must be assisted by an external supervisor indicated by the facility's managers.
At the start of the experimental thesis activity, it is necessary to complete and send the Personal Data Processing Consent Form to

Regulations for Degree Sessions

Regulations for the final examination Second-cycle Degree course in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry (Approved at the CU-Chim meeting of 14 December 2012) Art. 1 - GENERAL ASPECTS The aim of the final examination is to verify the student's ability to present the original results obtained during the experimental thesis activities. To this end, the student, one month before the date set for the final examination, must submit to the Student registry office the application for the Second-cycle degree, complete with the title of the thesis and an indication of the supervisors.
In order to be admitted to the final examination, students must have acquired all the credits envisaged by the Degree Course Regulations, with the exception of those allocated to the final examination. The student may take profit examinations up to ten days before the date set for the Second-cycle degree examination.
DELIVERY OF THESES At least ten days before the final examination, the student must send to ( (Academic office):
1) A first PDF file must contain the dissertation. The first page of this document contains the title page (MODEL FRONTESPIZE), which summarises the following information: Department, Second-cycle degree course, title of the thesis, names of the supervisors and the graduating student and the academic year. This is followed by a short summary (maximum four pages) and then the text of the thesis. The thesis can be written either in Italian or in English, in the latter case an abstract in Italian must also be attached.
2) A second PDF file should contain only a title page and summary. The Academic office will send the file to all members of the Degree Committee. Dates and deadlines relating to Degree Examinations are published on the "Degree Sessions and Deadlines Calendar" page.
3) A few days before the final examination, all undergraduates must upload their final thesis work in their reserved ESSE3 area. Instructions in INSERTING DEFINITIVE THEORETICS IN ESSE3 (see above).
Art. 2 - THE DEGREE COMMITTEE AND THE GRADUATION VOTE The DEGREE COMMITTEE is appointed by the Director of the Department for each graduation session and is made up of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 members of the teaching staff, and preferably includes the thesis supervisors. The graduation grade is expressed in hundredths and includes an overall assessment of the student's curriculum.
Art. 3 - MAJOR GRADUATE SEMINAR AND FINAL EXAMINATIONS Approximately one week before the final test, the student must present the results of his thesis work in a Second-cycle degree seminar in front of the Degree Committee. Before presenting the dissertation, the supervisor presents the Committee with an overall assessment of the candidate and his or her efforts during the dissertation, proposing, if necessary, that the candidate be awarded an honourable mention. The exposure time should not exceed 20 minutes. The committee, taking account of the rapporteur's opinion and the candidate's presentation, awards an increase on the credit-weighted average of the marks for the individual lessons up to a maximum of 8 points. A weighted average of at least 105/110 is required for the award of honours. The most senior member of each committee is appointed Chairman and, as such, is responsible for ensuring that the time limits for the presentation are respected and that the final evaluation is consistent.
POINTS AWARDED BY THE COMMITTEE AND THE RAPPORTEUR Knowledge and understanding: panel from 0 to 1 Applying knowledge and understanding: panel from 0 to 2 Learning skills rapporteur from 0 to 2 Making judgments: committee from 0 to 2 Communication skills: committee from 0 to 1 It is possible to read the Regulation "Norms of behaviour to be followed by candidates and their families during the degree sessions", issued by D. R. n. 282 del 27.R. n. 282 of 27/06/2014, at the following address:

Rewards for student representatives in university bodies and organisations

The Council of the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, at its meetings on 8 April and 6 May 2021, resolved to award the "special mention at graduation for the service offered in support of the functioning of the University bodies" to students who have participated in the Collegial Councils listed below, for at least one year of activity and provided that they have guaranteed attendance at at least 75% of the meetings (justified absences up to a maximum of 25% of the total number of meetings will also be counted as attendance).
Students must self-certify their participation by sending a communication to the Course President, at the time of submitting their degree application, specifying:
-the Course President, with the help of the Quality Assurance office, will verify the self-certification and will proceed to inform the President of the Degree Commission. The Department's administrative services are instructed to take the necessary steps.
N.B. The special mention during graduation for the service offered in support of the functioning of the University bodies appears only on the degree certificate (on stamp) which the student may request from the Student registry office, while it will not appear on the certificate which the student can download directly from ESSE3.
Rector and university bodies:
Academic Senate Board of administration Evaluation Committee Student University Council University Quality Assurance Committee University Sports Committee Departmental Council Joint Committee of Teachers and Students Departmental Quality Assurance Committee Course Council Review Group