Course presentation

Chemistry is a central science on the path to sustainable development. The Second-cycle degree in Chemistry at the University of Parma offers a comprehensive and in-depth training in the most modern aspects of chemistry: synthesis, catalysis, environmental quality, theoretical understanding of chemical processes and their computational modelling, the study of biological processes at the molecular level, the development of advanced materials and nanoscience.

The degree course is divided into two areas: biomolecular chemistry and materials chemistry. The course consists of 12 lectures with theoretical and experimental content. Learning is verified through 11 examinations. The training is completed with free-choice course units and concludes with a six-month experimental thesis.

The degree prepares you for the profession of chemist, with employment opportunities in research and development laboratories for chemical products, in research and quality control laboratories in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and in all industries that make extensive use of chemicals, in research and analysis laboratories of both public bodies and private companies, also in the fields of environmental protection and emission control. The Second-cycle degree in Chemistry also prepares you for entering the liberal professions or for continuing your studies as part of a PhD programme, typically in chemistry or materials science.

The course is characterised by a constant and punctual focus on the world of production, with excellent results in terms of graduate employability, which stands at over 90% within the first year of graduation (the complement of 100% is generally represented by PhD students).

In order to prepare graduates for the global market, much attention is paid to internationalisation policies. At least one course unit is taught in a vehicular language (English), to ensure the acquisition of the ability to use disciplinary vocabulary in that language, and are offered and encouraged study experiences abroad as well as the mobility of European students through the ERASMUS project, and of non-European students.

An agreement has been established to obtain the Double Degree of Doctor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Parma and the Master of Science Degree Specialising in Chemistry at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Starting from the academic year 2019/2020, a double degree agreement with the University of Twente (Netherlands) will also be in force, allowing interested students to acquire not only a Second-cycle degree in Chemistry in Parma but also a Second-cycle degree in Chemical Engineering in Twente.