Course presentation

The Degree Course in Materials Science belongs to the Materials Science Degree Class L-SC.MAT, has a duration of three years and involves the acquisition of 180 university credits (ECTS) for the degree. The 20 compulsory examinations foreseen allow the acquisition of 165 ECTS. The remaining credits towards the total 180 ECTS will be acquired through other educational activities such as traineeships, English language proficiency, seminar activities, and the final examination. Indicatively, there are six examinations in the first year, eight in the second year and six in the third year.
The course of study is open access.
At the end of the studies, the degree in Materials Science is awarded. The degree opens access to Professional Master Programme - first level (1 year), to Master's degree courses of the LM-SC.MAT, LM-17, LM-54, LM-71 and other classes activated at the University of Parma or at other universities in accordance with the procedures established in the respective regulations.
The degree course aims to provide a solid cultural and methodological background in both chemical and physical disciplines that will enable graduates to understand the relationships between the structure and properties of a material and to use experimental knowledge and skills to analyse the characteristics and functionality of various classes of materials.

Presentation video for the course