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The Degree in Materials Science trains professionals (Material Scientists) whose task, from the post-war period onwards and throughout the world, has been and still is to invent, develop, and optimize materials, i.e. the substances with which we build everything. This means, for example, graphene, ceramics, self-healing concrete, low heat conducting glasses, semiconductors, permanent magnets, emulsions, steels for aeronautics, carbon fiber composites for the automotive sector, electrodes for batteries, nanostructured silicon for solar panels...

Skills of this type require an education in science that is perhaps unmatched in extent among all undergraduate programs and which covers a large part of the chemistry, physics, as well as the necessary elements of mathematics, engineering and biology.

An interdisciplinary training of this caliber will be able to provide the student with the best chance of understanding what their passions and talents are in the hard sciences, as well as keeping more job opportunities open.

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class L-SC.MAT.
180 credits


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immagine SEM di nanoparticelle
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Ludovico Cademartiri

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Cristina Sissa

Davide Orsi

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Alessandro Bertucci

Alessandro Pedrini

Daniele Pontiroli

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Giorgio Pelosi


Ludovico Cademartiri