Corso di Materials science - Università degli Studi di Parma

The Degree Course in Materials Science aims to provide a solid cultural and methodological background in both chemical and physical disciplines. Graduates will master the relationships between the structure and properties of a material and will be able to use experimental knowledge and skills to analyse and engineer the characteristics and functionality of various classes of materials.

In this sector, the labour market in the area offers numerous job opportunities for recent graduates with similar skills, as it is rich in industries dedicated to the development of both mature and innovative materials. 

Degree course
Free access
course in Italian
class L-SC.MAT.
180 credits


course code
immagine SEM di nanoparticelle
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No notices at the moment
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Toll-free number

800 904 084

Student registry office

+39 0521 905116 

Quality assurance office

Education manager:
Nicola Cavirani
+39 0521 905613 - +39 0521 906148

President of the degree course

Ludovico Cademartiri

Faculty advisor

Cristina Sissa

Davide Orsi

Tutor Professors

Alessandro Bertucci

Alessandro Pedrini

Daniele Pontiroli

Erasmus delegates

Giorgio Pelosi


Ludovico Cademartiri