CORDA/IDEA project

These initiatives are developed within the framework of cooperation between high schools and universities, aimed in particular at students starting their university career with the aim of integrating the knowledge needed to approach certain basic disciplines and to profitably attend the corresponding course units.

Project IDEA (Didactic Integration for Assisted Practice)

Prof. Massimo Magnani - massimo.magnani@un

The project, governed by an agreement between the University of Parma and the Territorial School Offices of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia (Regional School Office for Emilia Romagna), is aimed at establishing an operational link between the High School and the University for a fruitful connection between secondary school and university teaching, as an effective means of reducing student difficulties and dropout phenomena.
High school teachers, selected from among those who have applied to take part, carry out tutorials and tutoring for students in the first years of first-cycle and single-cycle degree courses at the University of Parma, after planning and coordinating this activity with the professors/instructors of the relevant university course units.

All information on the integral teaching activities provided within the IDEA Project for the humanities is published on the Department's website: Project IDEA.

For students enrolled in the degree course in Educational sciences, the preparatory course in Pedagogy is of particular note.

Project CORDA (Cooperation for Orientation and Reduction of Difficulties in Access)

Prof. Emilio Acerbi -

The CORDA project is a pre-university initiative in co-operation between high schools and universities, aimed at the orientation and reduction of scholastic deficiencies of high school students.

These are preparatory courses in the subjects of mathematics, computer science and English, taught by teachers from the participating high schools, under the supervision of the university with regard to the syllabus, the minimum number of hours (set at 40), the maximum number of students per class (usually 25), teacher training and the final examination.

The project activity takes place during the final year of higher education, outside normal class schedule, and is completed by February. Attending students take a final examination, which is held at the university (except for more distant locations). Depending on the degree course, passing this test may lead to benefits and rewards for participants.

In addition, the ten students with the highest marks will have their first instalment of tuition fees waived if they enrol in Parma.

More information is available on the project web pages published on the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences website: CORDA project

In particular for the humanities area, CORDA courses in English language and Latin language are worth mentioning.

Responsible for English language
Prof. Michela Canepari -

Responsible for Latin language
Prof. Simone Gibertini -

All information is published on the Department's website: CORDA Project - Humanities Area