Professional outlets

Early Childhood Educator

The graduate in Educational sciences (curriculum Early Childhood Educator) will be able to work as an educator in the different types of services operating in the field of the education of children from birth to 3 years of age:

  • crèches and micro-crèches;
  • sezioni primavera (spring sections);
  • integrative services, such as play spaces, centres for children and families, centres for children;
  • home-based educational services.

Socio-pedagogical educator

The graduate in Educational sciences (curriculum socio-pedagogical educator) will be able to work in a variety of services and areas, including:

  • disability and special educational needs (also as a school educator);
  • prevention or reduction of discomfort, also related to addictions;
  • intercultural education;
  • communities for minors;
  • assistance to minors and adults involved in the judicial and penitentiary circuit;
  • prevention of forms of abuse and violence and socio-educational rehabilitation of victims;
  • socio-occupational reintegration;
  • social, recreational, artistic-expressive, motor and leisure services for adolescents and adults;
  • the elderly;
  • knowledge, protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage and the environment;
  • vocational training, business and human resources management.

PLEASE NOTE: access to the profession of educator in childhood education services is regulated by Legislative Decree No. 65/2017 and MD 378/2018. As the regulations are being progressively finalised, students are encouraged to stay up-to-date through the official channels of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Continuation of studies

The degree in Educational sciences allows enrolment in any Second-cycle degree (+2), particularly those relating to pedagogical research, design and management of educational services, adult education (LM-50, 57, 85, 93).

In addition, it is possible to access Professional Master Programme - first level (1 year) and advanced courses.