Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Students who have passed the admission test can enrol as described in the following link:

Enrolment procedure

Entry requirements

The course of study has a programmed number of places in accordance with the law. The number of places is determined annually by the MUR (Ministry of University and Research) at national level; an admission test is required on the dates specified in the call for admission to the Health Professions published annually on the Ministerial website. To be admitted to the degree course it is necessary to hold a five-year high school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad that is recognised as suitable, a four-year high school diploma plus the supplementary year or, if no longer active, the assigned educational debt. It is also necessary to possess the knowledge and skills defined annually by the ministerial decree relating to the admission tests for nationally-scheduled degree courses. The number of students who can be admitted, the date of the admission test and the content and methods of the selection process will be published annually in the relevant call for applications.

Assessment of initial preparation
The knowledge and skills required for admission are verified in the admission test, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Additional training obligations and their verification
The initial knowledge will be verified. In the event of failure, Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) to be met in the first year of the course will be assigned.

Verification of knowledge for access
The methods for verifying the knowledge required for accessing the course are defined in the course's didactic regulations.