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The world is rapidly changing under the transformational power of technological developments in AI and robotics and the growing environmental challenges. The pace of change is enough to make anyone disoriented.

Our goal is to train professionals with (i) a broad competence in the physics and chemistry of materials, (ii) high level skills in the analysis and interpretation of chemical and physical data, (iii) learning skills suited for a variety of disciplines, (iv) an understanding of what it takes to design a material that can make a difference in the world. We believe this portfolio of skills will make our trainees persistently valuable on the job market in the face of the occuring technological revolution and environmental challenges which share a common nexus: materials.

Educational objectives of the program

The Functional and Sustainable Materials Master's Program prepares highly qualified professionals to work in laboratories, companies, and public or private institutions, including managerial and entrepreneurial roles. 

Graduates are skilled in:

  • Materials Discovery and Design for Sustainability: Emphasis on sustainable preparation, production and recycling methods in accordance with European regulations.
  • Advanced Materials Characterization: Leveraging modern characterization techniques, design of experiments and AI/ML methods to study mechanical, optical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties.
  • Computational Materials Science Techniques: In silico prediction of material properties to guide synthesis and design.
  • Advanced Statistical Methods: Big Data processing for analysis, hypothesis testing, screening of materials.

Furthermore, the Faculty is committed to encouraging significant contacts between the students and the reality of the job market and career opportunities, especially in the broader Emilia-Romagna region