cod. 1009601

Academic year 2024/25
1° year of course - Second semester
Eleonora FIORE
Academic discipline
Disegno industriale (ICAR/13)
Formazione di base nel progetto
Type of training activity
60 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: PACKAGING DESIGN FOR FOOD

Learning objectives

The Concept Design course aims to provide the theoretical and practical tools for creating a concept in a structured way. It consists of theoretical lessons and applied exercises, preparatory for the realization of a final project work, evaluated together with the course of CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, BRANDING AND ADVERTISING , in the PACKAGING DESIGN for FOOD Lab.
The course clarifies the differences between the design methodologies and the different methods for conducting the exploration, definition and conceptualization stages of the design methodology, helping the student in the choice of methods according to the case analysed.
It is proposed as an applicative design course in which students, properly guided, will arrive at designing and presenting their packaging solutions.


Having attended the first semester of Sustainable Design for the Food System:
- Representation Lab.
- Modelling Lab.

Course unit content

The course aims to provide the theoretical and practical tools to conduct preliminary analyses and exploratory research in the field of packaging design, which is instrumental for the development of a project concept. Part of the lectures will be devoted to the world of packaging - the subject of the laboratory - and to provide an overview of the methodologies and different methods of investigation for design stages (scenario, definition and conceptualization).

Full programme

The program is structured according to the following key points:
- Introduction to the concept design course
- Introduction to packaging
- Introduction to design methodologies
- Design methods related to the scenario phase
- Creation of personas
- Design methods related to the concept definition phase
- Existential table
- Definition of design guidelines
- Project work development


Germak, C. (2008) Man at the centre of the project. Design for a new humanism. Umberto Allemandi &C. Torino
Badalucco, L. Il buon packaging: imballaggi responsabili in carta, cartoncino e cartone. Dativo, 2011. - freebook

Teaching methods

The course includes both theoretical lessons and exercises, in which lessons are alternated with interactive moments in which the students will carry out, in a group, the project work that will be evaluated during the exam. The course includes guided tours and seminars held by external and international teachers within the Erasmus+ programme.

Assessment methods and criteria

There are 2 exercises that each contribute for 10% on the exam evaluation.
Exercise 1 concerns the disassembly of packaging belonging to a certain product category
Exercise 2 provides for the collection of case studies and best practices in the product sector of exercise 1.
A written exam contributes for 10% on the exam assessment.
Prof. Bigliardi's written exam (Consumer Behavior, Branding and Advertising course) will compete for 30% of the final evalutaion, while the shared project work will compete for 40%.

Other information

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