cod. 1008941

Academic year 2020/21
6° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Indefinito/interdisciplinare (NN)
Tirocini formativi e di orientamento
Type of training activity
100 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

Implements the good practices of the doctor-patient relationship (interview, report, information, clarity, acquisition of consent)
Has the ability to collect medical history and to perform an objective examination in an outpatient setting
He knows how to apply clinical reasoning: the ability to identify priority or urgent and secondary problems and the ability to propose diagnostic hypotheses and to identify diagnostic assessments with greater sensitivity and specificity to confirm or not the hypotheses
He is able to interpret laboratory tests
Can interpret diagnostic imaging tests reports
It focuses on decision-making processes related to treatment (surgical, pharmacological)
Can fill in the hospitalization acceptance / discharge report and can fill in the discharge letter
Is able to assess the appropriateness of the indication to hospitalization and indicate rehabilitation or protected hospitalization pathways in other structures
He proves capable of framing the reason for hospitalization in the complex of any chronicity, other critical issues and fragility of patients
Can indicate prevention and health education actions
Demonstrates knowledge and awareness about the organization of the National Health Service and the Regional Health Service
Respect the start and end times of the shift, dress appropriately for the role, bring everything you need with you
Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the rules of the ward and / or clinic
Interacts correctly with the medical, nursing and technical staff of the ward
Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the different roles and tasks of team members
Show an active attitude: ask questions, propose to carry out activities


Completed cycle of studies and in any case to be completed before the graduation session

Course unit content

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Full programme

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Teaching methods

doctor-patient relationship. In the period COVID-19 it was carried out remotely
The course will be held through lectures to Students either in the classroom (“in presenza”) or in synchronous-streaming (“in telepresenza”) on the Teams platform. Therefore, the opportunity of Student/Teacher interaction will be preserved both face to face and remotely, by the simultaneous use of the Teams platform.
Lectures will be supported by slide presentations, which will be available to students on the Elly platform (

Assessment methods and criteria

Acquisition of eligibility

Other information

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