cod. 1008611

Academic year 2020/21
5° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Prova finale per settore senza discipline (PROFIN_S)
Per la prova finale
Type of training activity
Language/Final test
0 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

In the final dissertation the graduating student must demonstrate mastery of the topics, ability to analyze and summarize the various problems connected with the topic addressed, ability in the critical evaluation of scientific literature, aptitude to operate independently and ability to communicate with properties of language and technical and scientific appropriateness.


The procedure for submitting the application for admission to the graduation exam is exclusively online (
The documentation must be delivered to the Careers Organization Unit and Services to Students of the Degree Courses of Agri-food and Pharmaceutical address within the term of thirty days from the date of the graduation session. The student must also complete all the exams, including the internship, 10 days from the date of graduation and deliver the dissertation 7 days from the date of the graduation session.

At the end of the compilation or experimental thesis work, the student must make available to the Examining Commission a copy of the thesis and discuss his thesis (about 10 minutes) through the use of computer supports.

Course unit content

The final exam involves the preparation and public discussion of a thesis consisting of:
a) critical collection and processing of bibliographic material concerning cultural and professional issues relevant to the Master's degree course (COMPILATION THESIS) or
b) carrying out experimental activities (EXPERIMENTAL THESIS) to be carried out:
- as a research activity at university or extra-university research laboratories in Italy or abroad
- as a practical-professional activity in public or private healthcare facilities, in Italy or abroad.

The foreign structures are identified as part of Erasmus projects, Overworld or projects related to the European ULLA Consortium (European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences) or bilateral agreements.

The final exam must be carried out in an original way by the student under the guidance of a teacher (professor or researcher) with a teaching assignment in one of the pharmaceutical area Study Courses, which acts as a supervisor.

Full programme

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Teaching methods

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Assessment methods and criteria

The graduation Commission after the presentation and discussion of the thesis by the student will proceed with the assignment of the mark in 110.
The final score is composed of a "basic" score, resulting from the arithmetic average of the marks obtained in the individual exam results expressed on a 110 basis, increased, as a rule, as specified below:
- a maximum of 3 points (compilation thesis) or 6 points (experimental thesis) assigned by the supervisor on the basis of the achievement of the objectives set by the first three Dublin descriptors: knowledge and understanding, ability to apply the knowledge and information acquired during thesis work and autonomy of judgment in carrying out the work;
- a maximum of 2 points awarded by the Commission on the basis of the ability to discuss and support the theses formulated as well as on the basis of the communication skills and clarity demonstrated by the student in the presentation of the work performed;
- 1 point if the "basic" score is equal to or greater than 100/110;
- 1 point if the master's degree is obtained "in progress" (within 5 years, established as the legal duration of the course of study, starting from the year of enrollment);
- 1 point if the student has acquired at least 9 credits in activities carried out abroad

Laude can be attributed, with the unanimous opinion of the Commission, only if the "basic" score is equal to or greater than 102/110. The Commission, at its discretion, can assign the assessment of 110/110 to graduating students with an overall score of 109/110.
The following requirements are required for awarding the honorable mention:
current degree;
at least 10 exams with a grade equal to 30/30 and laude;
no more than one exam with a grade lower than 30/30.
Degree exams are public.

Other information

15 credits are assigned to the final exam.
For students enrolled before 2019-20, in the case of choice of experimental thesis, the student will be able, on a voluntary basis, to dedicate to the thesis activity also the 12 CFUs foreseen for the free choice activities.
For students enrolled from 2019-20, in the case of choice of experimental thesis, the student will be able to dedicate, on a voluntary basis, to the thesis activity also 4 of the 12 credits included in the free choice activities.