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Academic year 2019/20
1° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
integrated course unit
7 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

see the single courses i.e. biology and genetic


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Course unit content

The purpose of this course of Biology for Medicine is to give students the ability to learn and appreciate the importance of biological thinking for the cultural background of a medical doctor. The evolutionary approach is the core theme of the present course. In fact the theory of evolution is the unifying core of the biological sciences ranging from molecule activities to behavior of organisms. In this connection the various topics ( focused mainly on animal biology) such as molecular bases of life, cellular biology, genetic, reproduction , animal and human behavior are necessarily approached s with a good knowledge of the mechanisms of evolution. This lecturing program is tailored on the potential professional application of a Medical Doctor which is ranging from the healing of the “body” (eg. Clinical pathology, surgery) as well as of the “psyche” (eg. Clinical psychology . Psychiatry and Neuroendocrinology)

Full programme

see the courses of Biology and Genetic


See the courses of Biology( general biology and general genetic-S. Parmigiani) and Human Genetic ( A. Percesepe)

Teaching methods

Teaching is characterized by: a) classroom lecturing but very interactive with the lecturer b) seminars on crucial topics c) reading and discussing scientific papers by students and d) guided visit to laboratories. These activities(b,c and d in particular) will be scheduled to faciliatate the understanding and learning of topics delivered during the classroom lecturing activities.

Assessment methods and criteria

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Other information

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