cod. 1007377

Academic year 2020/21
4° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Otorinolaringoiatria (MED/31)
Tirocini formativi e di orientamento
Type of training activity
10 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: HEAD AND NECK DISEASES

Learning objectives

The student , during their stay at the facilities of Otolaryngology and through the guidance of mentors must learn and know pretty much the following methods : 1 ) fiberoptic endoscopy of the upper aereodigestive with the elements for a differential diagnosis of the major diseases of the hypopharynx and larynx ; 2 ) diagnosis of the auditory disorders with the aim to differentiate a transmissive deafness from a mixed or perceptive deafness, cochlear or retrocochlear ; 3 ) the instrumental diagnosis of the vestibular apparatus with the aim of being able to interpret the study of the vestibulo- oculomotor reflex and the vestibulo- spinal reflex . The student must also perform independently otoscopy , rhinoscopy and the exploration of the oral cavity.


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Course unit content

The course aims to make students learn and know the most important semeiological maneuvers in otolaryngology . The student will attend the department, outpatient clinics and special services and they will be capable to perform, with strict observance of a tutor, otoscopy , rhinoscopy and the exploration of the oral cavity; Students will also attend the fiberoptic endoscopy as well as the audiologic and vestibular services.

Full programme

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Roberto Albera - Giovanni Rossi: Otorinolaringoiatria III Edizione - Edizioni Minerva Medica
Enrico de Campora - Paolo Pagnini: Otorinolaringoiatria – Elsevier

Teaching methods

The objectives of the course are pursued through the frequency of the student at the facilities of Otolaryngology . The students, in small groups, log on to the department , outpatient clinics and special services . The guidance of a tutor allows them to learn some educational objectives gestures , such as the exploration of the oral cavity , and to attend the methodical exploration of the upper aereodigestive , execution and interpretation of audiological and vestibular tests .

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam .In case of the persistence of the health emergency, the exams will be conducted remotely, as follows:
remote oral questions, through the Teams platform (guide
Students with SLD / BSE must first contact Le Eli-che: support for students with disabilities, D.S.A., B.E.S. (
During the verification , the student must demonstrate that they know and have learned the most important methods in the field of semeiological Otolaryngology

Other information

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